Dupatta Skirt and Crop Top

With summers comes the urge to wear light flowy clothes, especially in India. It is well know that summers can be very gruesome in some parts of India. Wearing jeans everyday is not possible unless we have to stay in air conditioning. I personally feel like my legs are suffocating and have no room to breathe and the dreaded jeans sticking to your legs like wet clothes sticking to your body is just embarrassing.

I came up with a DIY Dupatta Skirt (no sew) with a very pretty crop top to beat my summer blues. I picked a beautiful Phulkari* Dupatta in the colour red for the skirt.



You can use any dupatta or scarf  to make a wrap skirt like I did.

Since my dupatta material was translucent I wore a 3/4th legging in black colour underneath it, you can even choose a mini fitted skirt underneath.

Start by folding the dupatta in half bring in around your waist, wrap it and tie the ends at the back . Tuck in the extras after tying inside the waistband of your leggings.

You can wear it like Dhoti style (the way I am wearing ) or leave it as it is.

For the Dhoti skirt look just pick up the end of top overlapping part of the wrap skirt and bring it to the centre of your waist and tuck it in. Tada! your Dhoti skirt is complete.

*Phulkari- literally means flower work. It is an embroidery work done in Punjab.

 | Crop Top- Tommy Hilfiger |

Till next time! XO- Yashswini 



One thought on “Dupatta Skirt and Crop Top

  1. Hello
    Really love this concept
    And the jewellery you match with the outfit is too good

    Love the post
    And your blog is soo nice


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